If I have a form that has in a text field something
like this below how would my query look to update all
in the form to the fb?

<input type=text name=username> <input type=text

So there is data inputed in username field and total. 
Now let's say there is 5 of these text fields for the
one form.  All named the same (e.g. username and
total) but in each area the user puts something

so if I have 

UPDATE tbl score='$total' WHERE username='$username';

(quick work only so you know what I mean)

But that will ONLY update one part of the form rather
than all text areas to the db.  How can I get each one
to input?  Keeping in mind each line of text area has
the same form name as the previous.  Is there a way
around this so everything is updated correctly instead
of bits here and there?


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