I think someone else asked about a problem where they had text running off
the side of the page, heres everything I've ever learned about PS/PDF.

GNU ghostscript is all you really need for editing pdf's. Usually the text
appears as plain text once you convert the PDF to a PS with pdf2ps, and you
can just delete it and put it back as PDF using ps2pdf. I do quick changes
like this all the time. The adobe postscript 3 driver for windows outputs
clean postscript, I use it a lot for "email merge" with PDF cause I can't
afford more expensive products. Here's some notes I made a while back on it,
you may need to view my little diagrams with courier fonts:

The first two parameters are the location of the text. Depending on how the
text will function, you have two choices, you can either let the postscript
file handle spacing, or you can use static letter spacing and if there is
too much text for one line it will spill off the page.

You want to use static spacing for "fields", where there is no other text to
space, but if you are inserting a name into the middle of a line of text,
you will want to let postscript handle spacing, like this (here what I

-2040 -1827 (     *#address1#*) -2.666595 0 725 5 16 A1`65
 ^       ^           ^                       ^     ^
x coord y coord  text string              width  maximum letter spacing?

If you want to do static text, simply convert this line to this, by adding a
moveto after the coordinates, and chaging all the number parameters to

-2040 -1827 moveto
(     *#address1#*) show

When the text runs off the right side of the page, my solution was to change
the original document, and drop it down onto its own line. Its possible to
program postscript to automatically add a line break when the line gets too
big, I don't know postscript so don't ask me how to get this to work:


/Helvetica-Bold-SHOWISO exch definefont pop
/Helvetica findfont
dup length dict begin
  {1 index /FID ne {def} {pop pop} ifelse} forall
  /Encoding showcaseisoencoding def


31 189 M (Comments:) S
/Helvetica-Bold-SHOWISO findfont 24 scalefont setfont
/rule (_______________________________) def
/y 189 def /x 141.336 def
y -29 73 { x exch M rule S } for
rule stringwidth pop 29 x y comments BreakIntoLines

This postscript is taken from the default fax coversheet file (faxcover.ps)
from gnu hylafax.


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> I use Windows XP.
> Really all I need to do is remove a single line in a pdf file and I
> can't convince myself to spend $749  for Acrobat Pro to do it.
> - Matt
> On 7 Apr 2004, at 16:34, matthew perry wrote:
> > Does anyone know a free pdf editor?
> what platform do you require it for?
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