> I'm running Apache/2.0.49 and PHP/4.3.5 on windows XP. I get warnings:
> WARNING: session_start(): open/tmp\sess_242f6f668d85d512f9f4379ffa1e1,
O_DWR failed: No such file or directory (2) in c:\program files\apache
group\apache2\htdocs\register_new.php on line 10
> I also get another similar warning for seesion start that says cannot send
seesion cookie and another that says cannot send session cache.
> Is this some sort of configuratrion problem in my  httpd.cong file or my
php.ini file? HELP?

Summarized: "opening /tmp failed"

Change your php.ini setting for session.save_path to a directory that exists
and the Apache user has permission to write to.

---John Holmes...

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