Curious about "include_once" versus "include".
All my connection stuff is in "conn.php3".
I am planning on including it at the top of the page like this:
include_once "conn.php3";
Now will that speed things up compared to just using a plain "include". I call 
$connectionSDWIS(which is in the include) 5 different times?
$data = odbc_do($connectionSDWIS,"EXEC sp_SanitarySurveyLatest '$pwsno'");
$data = odbc_do($connectionSDWIS, "Select Distinct CASE ActivityStatus WHEN 'A' THEN 
'ACTIVE' WHEN 'I' THEN 'INACTIVE' END + ' ' + CASE Convert(varchar,ActDate,107) WHEN 
'May 05, 1955' THEN '' ELSE Convert(varchar,ActDate,107) END As 'ActivityStatus' FROM 
Inventory Where PWSID='$pwsno'"); 
$data2 = odbc_do($connectionSDWIS,"Exec sp_EntryPointsWithSourcesAndPWS '$pwsno'");
$data=odbc_do($connectionSDWIS,"SELECT StateID, WSFName, TreatmentProcess, 
TreatmentObjective FROM Treatments WHERE PWS= '$pwsno' ORDER BY StateID");
$data = odbc_do($connectionSDWIS, "SELECT CalendarYear, 
convert(varchar(12),ReceivedDate, 107), convert(varchar(12),CertifiedDate, 107) FROM 
CCRS WHERE PWS='$pwsno' ORDER BY CalendarYear Desc");

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