I am using PEAR::DB on linux, php 4.3.2, with freetds to access a sql
server database.  I am trying to get more information on the problem,
but everyonece in a while, it seems random, php will stop executing when
I use the query method, php stops executing.  I dont get an error, php
just stops running.  I can echo out things before the query call but not

The query that is running can return large result sets,on the high end
it will return 10000 - 15000 rows.

I am am sql server novice so I am not sure where to start looking to
see if the problem is db server side.

I am just wondering if anyone has had this kind of problem before.  I
am not sure if it is something going on with PEAR::DB or if something is
happening with the native php calls to sql server.

I have not tried to do the query without using pear::db, but I am going
to try that to see if I can get the script to error out that way.

Thanks in advance.

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