Thanks for responding.

I have read the books:
PHP4 A Beginners Guide by McCarty from Osborne
Mastering PHP 4.1 by Allen and Hornberger from Sybex
and have poked around in PHP Cookbook by Sklar and Trachtenberg from O'Reilly
Also have read books on MySQL, and am left scratching my head.

Have found a couple of programs that look promising, and the first one I've tried - phpmaker - - is a cookie-cutter type that really makes a lot of code. Will have to work with it to see if I can get it to do what I need it to do. Was wondering if any of you had experience with one of these or do you hand code everything. My client wants to go live in a month and the only thing left is the one database and the interaction with it, that and the integration with Xoops.

I will look into the book you recommended and continue to poke around. Any pointers will be gladly accepted.

At 08:11 AM 4/15/04 -0400, Galbreath, Mark A wrote:
I found Lerdorf and Tatroe's "Programming PHP" (O'Reilly 2002) extremely
helpful in understanding the "why" of PHP.


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I ma trying to learn PHP and am having difficulty with understanding it. Is there a good PHP creator that will create PHP which will let me specify what all I need to have done so that I can go back and try to figure out just how it all fits together? Thanks,


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