I have a page that grabs some data from a MySQL 3.23.58 database on a
RedHat 9 box.  I'm trying to migrate the db to a Suse box running MySQL 4.0.15.

When I connect to the MySQL 4.0 DB, I get strange results.  For example,
there's a certain query that just returns the number of records in one of
the tables:

    $c = $db->getOne("SELECT count(*) FROM tle");


Against the 3.23 DB, this works fine.  Against the 4.0 DB this prints out
"Object".  Other queries return the same thing.

What gives??

Some more details:
Webserver Box:
RedHat 9
Apache 2.0.40
PHP 4.2.2
The MySQL 3.2.3 DB also runs on this box.  The MySQL 4.0 DB runs on a
seperate Suse box.

The Database structure & data is identical on both systems.


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