My guess is that it's IE problem. I've had problems with CSS not loading when it should and stuff like that with IE as well.
Try using other browser. I always make sure to have a version of Netscape installed.
Now that I run on an iBook (OS X 10.3.2) I have IE, Safari, Camino and Netscape installed, just for testing that stuff works in different browsers.

Try that..
Hop I helped. although you seem to have it all figured out anyway.

Mike - (goin' to the pub)

On Apr 16, 2004, at 20:54, John wrote:

Using Internet Explorer

I have a database feeding a php page showing a html table that just lists
some fields of the db table and at the top of the page gives more details of
one particular line, as chosen by a drop down box on the page.
Occasionally, something happens in Internet Explorer that I can't figure
out, so that the css does not render the fonts, and the javascript does not
work on the drop down box, which should automatically update the page.
Then, a new line gets added to the database and it all works again - the
drop down box is automatically initiated to the latest record. But if I
chose the record that didn't work, it again does not work. So it's specific
to that particular record.

It must boil down to something in the occasional line that gets added that
screws up the recognition of the variable that represents the current drop
down box value. Also I have links on the page that should pick up the ID of
the current record but they're empty. And if I use the drop down box to
change the record selected and click the submit button, I get stuff like
this: &startlimit%2BAA
A-=0%2BAAA-AA-&endlimit%2BAAA-A-=100%2BAAA--&submit%2BAAA-A-A- =View%2BAAA-&n
ame%2BAAA-A-A-A-=name%2BAAA-&startDAY%2BAAA-A-=01%2BAAA-A- &startYEARMONTH%2B
AAA-=200404%2BAAA-&departDAY%2BAAA-%2BAAA-=01%2BAAA-AAA- &departYEARMONTH%2BA

Is this a database problem, or IE problem? It doesn't seem to be a problem
in Opera. I know it's been obseved before bcs there is some discussion on
the internet but I can't find the answer.


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