Yes, it should work fine but please understand

(1) Your flash movie must know how to process a query string passed to it and
(2) IE does not support the EMBED syntax, you need to wrap the flash OBJECT tag around the EMBED just as you see on flashkit for it to work (that is for IE to pass the flash player the relevant value)

Have you used 'View Source' for the HTML you are producting ? That usually gives some clue what is not right. Also I assume you are just passing the filename of the MP3 rather than the full path. Unless your flash movie has the server path and directory hard coded within the movie, it cannot know the full path to your file and may be referencing it to the directory the movie is in, the directory the HTML page is in, or the document root path of your website !


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From: Mikael Grön <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: PHP vs. Flash

I'm not sure this post really belongs in this list, but I'll give it a try anyway..

Anyone who's ever worked with PHP (or any other serverside scripting language) vs. Flash has probably had his/her share of problems with passing variables back and forth between the two. Most of the time that can easily be solved by doing a loadvars() thingie in flash loading a PHP script that grabs stuff from for instance a database and pushes it back to the Flash file.
In this case, on the other hand, that would not work.

I'm working on a music gallery and I'm trying to get variables to a flash file which will be loaded several times on the same page, displaying small MP3-players... One for each file in a directory.

What I need is a way to pass the filenames to the flash file. I've done a readdir loop for getting the filenames.

Can you do something like <embed src="mp3player.swf?filename=<?php echo $file ?>"> ?? I haven't been able to get that working though..

Any other ideas?
I can't get the flash file to intuitively know what file to load on each load.

If you don't understand what I mean, take a look at this page:
Focus on the so called "Preview console". It's a small white box displayed once per file.
I refuse to think that this site is not built via dynamic stuff... Thus, there is a solution to my problem somewhere out there.. ;)

I'm soo sorry if this post gets disliked by the honorable members of this list.

Regards, Mike

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