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In building the Apache PHP-Oracle interface we have discovered a
discrepancy between the functions listed in the PHP on-line
documentation and the function list obtained by "nm" for
Our UNIX Solaris  build comprises Apache_1.3.29, PHP-4.3.4, and the full
Enterprise edition of Oracle For example, we see the function
reference in the PHP documentation for "oci_connect()" but find no
function by that name in the build. Rather, we see
"oci_do_connect()" instead.

Current PHP document seems to be describing features of an Oracle
interface that simply are not available.  Has anyone run onto this or
similar problems?


Joseph Burch
ITC-UNIX Systems
University of Virginia

To connect to Oracle in PHP 4, the old name OCILogon() can be used. Check PHPs oci8.c source code for all names and aliases.

There is some flux in function names at the moment and the manual may
or may not be correct.  I believe placeholder manual entries for
recently obsoleted names were going to be created.

The name changes seem to have been triggered by the general PHP
discussion of naming conventions and the desire in PHP 5 to use similar
names to other DB interfaces.


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