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>    I would like to know how to create and populate drop down boxes in php.
> I want the value to be populated from database.
> What I am try to do is to provide the forign key value as combo box
option, so that I do not have to check for referential integrity.

You still have to check. Just because you provide a discreet number of
options in a <select> box doesn't mean that's really all the user can choose
from. There are many ways to manipulate the data.

That being said, just create a loop as you draw items from your database.

echo '<select name="something" size="1">';
$sql = "SELECT name FROM products WHERE ...";
$result = query($sql);
while($row = fetch_assoc($result))
{ echo "<option value=\"{$row['name']}\">{$row['name']}</option>\n"; }
echo "</select>";

I don't know what database you're using, so query() and fetch_assoc() are

---John Holmes...

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