I'm using some proprietary software/hardware where when a visitor swipes 
their entry card, it is recorded in a mssql 2000 server.  My boss wants a 
count of unique vistors for a range of dates.  So, I need to have it give 
a count of unique vistors, meaning that I need to count all vists for a 
day as one visit (because if they go outside to smoke and come back and 
swipe their card again to get in, each one is a separate visit, but i need 
to count all visits by each person as one visit since i just want to know 
if they came at all each day, not how many times they came in).

This is my SQL statement:

select distinct count(convert( varchar,eventime, 110)) as count, 
convert( varchar,eventime,110) as date from events, badge wher 
events.cardnum = badge.id and devid = '1' and 
convert( varchar, events.eventime, 110) BETWEEN '$startdate' and 'enddate'
and type = '1' group by convert( varchar,events.eventime, 110)

for reference, devid = '1' is the hardware device, where everytime it 
triggers, it means someone swiped their card to get in, and type = '1' 
means patron (because we have a type = 2 that is for staff and we jsut 
want to know how many patrons visited)

When I execute this statement, its returning the result for each date of 
the total number of card swipes (so if a person comes in twice on a date, 
its recording it as 2 swipes, but I just need to know that they came to 
the building at all on this date, so I just need it to register that there 
was a count of atleast one for this card that was swiped)

any suggestions?  thanks

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