OK, so I figured out where it was barfing.  I looked deeper into the log
files as well as the generated pages, and found that somewhere the path
to the include files had become mangled, and the reason the files
weren't showing correctly in the HTML pages in the browser was because
it couldn't find the right files.  It's on track and working all neat
and tidy now.

Thanks for the help guys! I still feel like a doofus though...  


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You could either include the files without assigning the contents to a
variable - but that would display those right away:
   <?php include('nav/top_nav.html'); ?>

or you could read the contents of the file like:

   <?php $display_block .= is_readable('nav/top_nav.html') ?
   file_get_contents('nav/top_nav.html') : ''; ?>

Thursday, April 22, 2004, 5:12:21 PM, thus was written:
> I need to add PHP calls to include a file to each page as it is 
> generated, the only thing is I can't get the includes to come through
> correctly:

> <! Code>
>    $display_block .= "<?php include(\"nav/top_nav.html\"); ?>";
>    $display_block .= "<?php include(\"nav/side_nav.html\"); ?>"; <! 
> End Code>

> At the end of the generation I write $display_block to a file as 
> $display_block holds all the data it accumulates through the run. How 
> do I rewrite the inlclude to work, or do I need to find another way to

> make the includes?  The includes are all template files that I used on

> the site to keep everything consistent.

> Thanks,
> Robert

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