Sorry for my missing..
   tasks as t1
   left join
   tasks as t2
I think it should work.

Saturday, April 24, 2004, 5:12:56 PM, Jimmy wrote:

JB> I'm using MS SQL Server 2000 and I have a table called tasks with the
JB> following schema:

JB> id= int identity 1 1 not null
JB> standardId= varchar(15) not null
JB> userId= varchar(15) not null
JB> status= varchar(15) not null
JB> beginDt= datetime
JB> endDate=datetime
JB> active=char(1) // flag 1=display 0=do not display

JB> I need to return records based on userId and standardId. Assume I have the
JB> following
JB> five records:

JB> userId: jimmy standardId: EC.01.10
JB> userId: jimmy standardId: RI.03.20
JB> userId: karen standardId: PC.02.40
JB> userId: sally standardId: EC.01.10
JB> userId: ted   standardId: RI.03.20
JB> userId: joe   standardId: EC.01.10

JB> These are the results I need to return:

JB> All of jimmy's records: where userId='jimmy'
JB> I also need to return all records that match all of jimmy's standardId(s),
JB> in other words, I need to return in all other records where
JB> standardId='EC.01.10 or
JB> standardId='RI.03.20 (without duplicating jimmy's results). Which in this
JB> scenario would be userId sally, joe, ted

JB> I also need to group the records by standardId.

JB> Can this be done in a subquery or is two queries required?

JB> Having worked mostly with MySQL I dont' have a lot of experience with
JB> subqueries.

JB> Any suggestions on the best way to approach this probelm?

Best regards,
Mikhail U. Petrov

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