Dan Bowkley wrote:

else {

$query_insert = "INSERT INTO boards (wo_num, name, phone, email, date, board_type, last_three, weight_in, weight_out) VALUES (\'$wo_num\', \'$name\', \'$phone\', \'$email\', \'$date\', \'$board_type\', \'$last_three\', \'$weight_in\', \'$weight_out\')";
No need to escape the single quotes. Not entirely sure if it's invalid or not, but it's unneccessary.

$result_insert = @mysql_query ($query_insert);

if ($result_insert == "") {

echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"action\" value=\"0\"\n";

echo "<INPUT type=\"submit\" value=\"Continue\">\n";


else {echo "OOPS! Your programmer is an idiot!\n";}

Try this:

if (([EMAIL PROTECTED]($query_insert)) != FALSE) {
... echo HTML ...
else {echo "Oops! Your programmer is broken. Oh and here's what MySQL said: <br />\n".mysql_error();}

Hopefully that works for you. I think the problem may be the escapes quotes. Cheers,


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