Hi all,
I've got:
php 4.3.1
phpmyadmin 2.5.6
MySQL 4.0.18-nt
I can connect to my db via my php script using:
$connection = mysql_connect ("localhost", "root", "")
That works no problem.
This will not work however:
$somePass = md5("somePass");
$connection = mysql_connect ("localhost", "someID", $somePass)
gives me this error:
Access denied for user: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' <mailto:'[EMAIL PROTECTED]'>
(Using password: YES)
I set someID up in the db using phpmyadmin, with it's password using the
md5() function.  I can see via phpmyadmin that someID does indeed have a 32
byte encrypted password stored.
I can then compare the stored md5 password to the md5 password I'm passing
to try to connect...via $somePass.  The encrypted passwords match exactly.
Why wouldn't the match be confirmed...allowing me to connect?

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