It looks like "register_globals" is off. You'll have to access the
variables in the post array on your second page:

 print "<INPUT TYPE='hidden' NAME='User_name'

and so on... Try that first.

<>< Ryan

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Sent: Monday, May 10, 2004 12:37 PM
Subject: [PHP-DB] Need some HELP


I am  a new to php. I am using php ver 4.0.3 and MySQL.

I have wrote two files and I'd like to pass some varaibles from first
file to use them in the second file.
but  the values did not displayed in the second file(nothing print out).
and also I want to pass them to anothr file ...  here is what I've wrote

******** file1.php**********
$user_addres="User Address";

print "<FORM action='file2.php' method=post>";
        print "<input type=submit value='send'>";
                print "<INPUT TYPE='hidden' NAME='UserName' 
                print "<input type=hidden name=UserNum'
                print "<input type=hidden name='Addrress' 
                print "</td>";
                print "</FORM></tr>";

** second file file2.php ****

<FORM action='anothrfile.php' method=post> <table>

     print "<INPUT TYPE='hidden' NAME='User_name' VALUE='$UserName'>";
     print "<input type=hidden name=User_Num' value='$UserNum'>";
     print "<input type=hidden name='User_Addres' value='$Address'>"; ?>

    <tr><th align=left >Name:</th><td ><? print "$User_name";
    <tr><th align=left >User Number:</th><td > <? print "$User_Num";
    <tr><th align=left >Address:</th> <td ><? print"$User_Addres";
?></td></tr> ...
<input type=submit value='submit'>

Kind Regrads
I hope someone  can help me. Thanks

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