You dont want an example, you are looking for a finnished piece of
code to glue into your site.

Your asking for a given example of a not given system? Different
stores uses different ways of collecting data. Some databases,
some cookies, some even stores the basket in sessions. Throwing
a form fields into the mix doesnt make the question easier to answer.

What you are asking in car repair terms would be something like :
How do I repaird the engine?

Either come with more information, and accuall code you are using,
then some people here might be able to supply you with the answers
you are looking for.

Kim Steinhaug
There are 10 types of people when it comes to binary numbers:
those who understand them, and those who don't.
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"Ruprecht Helms" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On 1 May 2004 at 22:47, Ignatius Reilly wrote:
> > With the PHP IMAP functions you can process your mail box
> > as a data repository.
> nice to know. What I want is an scriptexample for a checkoutprocedure of a
> online-store. I want submit via email the content of a basket, that is
stored in a
> databasetable, some formfields and the mailreceiver taken from another
> Regards,
> Ruprecht
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