Two alternatives:

One is to store the entire string "<a href='mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]'>" in your field. The other is to just store the field, but concat the string together when you echo/print it. i.e.,:

print "<a href='mailto:$recordset[email]'>";

Phpdiscuss - Php Newsgroups And Mailing Lists wrote:
I have a page displaying the results of a query from a mysql database.
The final field displayed is an email address (in text datatype from the
How can I create the email address in the field as a hyperlink to the
email address? Since my query loops through the database and displayes a
"row" per row in the db.

Field 1  Field 2    EmailAddress
Test     Test       [EMAIL PROTECTED]

In the email address field, the address shows up as text, how can I create
that as a mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] (or whatever the email address is).

Thank you

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