thanx for the suggestion... it did work for a while! that's very
interesting... but, what happened now is that my file is a form that post to
itself... i can do an edit when it is the form, but after the user submits
the form and the information is displayed again without any form fields, the
"Edit" button is greyed out again.. why?? since it's goes to $PHP_SELF, why
does it behave differently although it's the same file??

i have added session_cache_limiter("private") at the very beginning of my
file, before session_start()..

thanx thanx again!!

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> Try to set session.cache_limiter to "private"
> "Ng Hwee Hwee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi
> My customers would like to save my php outputs in a word document file and
so I have added a meta tag <META NAME="ProgID"
> CONTENT="word.document"> in my php files. However, my File->Edit button in
IE6 is greyed out. why? i see that other php files on
> other websites allow Edit, why is it that my programs don't allow it??
> thanx for any insights!!
> regards,
> Hwee Hwee
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