Another question...

Why is it that you feel you need to optimize this? There really isnt any
need as far as I can see. The overhead is really small, and will probably
go up and down by itself since you have people adding and deleting from
the table all the time.

If we were talking many MB I could understand you, but a few hundred KB
is really silly spending so much time avoiding since it will appear in 5
again when people delete something from your table.

Another way to completely remove the overhead is to not let people delete
from the table, instead you flag the data as deleted. Gives you larger
but no overhead.

I guess you have made indexes for your database if you have a lot of select
in it, thats far more important than optimizing at the moment.

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"Ng Hwee Hwee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message

Is there a way to create a schedule to optimise my MySQL tables
automatically? The overhead of some of my tables can reach 355,548 bytes
over 3 working days!

Please help me!


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