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> Hi. I developed a forum using php5 and mysql. Right now I'm hosting it on
> my computer, for version for myself and another for a school I volunteer
> at. I would like to move the forums to the school's server. Apperently
> they don't have MySQL, they have PostgreSQL. I was just wondering, how
> much like MySQL is PostgreSQL? Would it be possible to create general
> functions (MySQL style) that could also work for PostgreSQL, based on
> what a config file set? Right now I have a file that's specific to each
> forum, so I could specify PostgreSQL or MySQL and based on that the
> function would do the appropriate action. So how much like MySQL is
> PostgreSQL?

Hi Marcjon,

I can't answer your question regarding the difference of MySQL and
PostgreSQL but using a database abstraction layer like PEAR::DB should solve
your problem:


Regards, Torsten

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>   Marcjon

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