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ML> Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 23:23:05 +0300
ML> Subject: [PHP-DB] another strange MYSQL problem

ML> Hello,

ML> First, I use this, and all is ok:

ML> SELECT * FROM modele WHERE marca='Aprilia' ORDER BY tip ASC.

ML> Then, I use this:

ML> SELECT  * FROM modele WHERE marca='Cagiva' ORDER BY tip ASC

ML> and the records are not ordered ascending by the field tip. In the
ML> first case, the records were ordered. Anyone knows what is wrong?
ML> Thank you!

ML> Best regards,
ML> Marius Panaitescu

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ML> Well, this might not answer your question (or it might) but you should
ML> not use * in your queries. Specify each column you want to retrieve. This
ML> also might fix you problem, but I'm not sure.
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ML>   Marcjon

Sorry...wrong topic. I will try to not use * and i will let you know
if this solves the problem. Thanks.

Best regards,

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