I thought I would mention that if you just "echo" or "print" an array, just the word 
"array" is shown.  If you do a var_dump($myArray) on the array, the values should be 
shown.  Otherwise you can get the values as follows:

$myArray = $_GET["b"];

//then get and print values
foreach( $myArray as $num => $val )
        echo "$val<br />";
        //or do whatever with the value -- add to db, etc.

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Subject: [PHP-DB] more detail..passing array_var with $_get

Hi all, sorry for making a little mess up just now..

My problem is I want to pass var array with $_get..

eg : $a=array()  then i pass to other pages www.main.com?b=$a
       after that echo $b
       the result is "array"... just that...

I want to make a product quotation so my purpose is that i add all product 1 by 1 in 
my local pc 
then just adding to database in server at once...

the best way is using array right?? if i using session then it just the same result....


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