Session objects has nothing to do with weak network connections.
If your sessions gets un-set, it's most probably because you forgot the


command in the beginning of some file that is using sessions. Without that line, no sessions will be neither stored nor read.


On Apr 27, 2004, at 07:46, Ng Hwee Hwee wrote:


I have a problem with my session variables. I set them using for e.g., $_SESSION["user"]=$name;

However, because of weak network links, somehow my $_SESSION variables get unset. Is there a way to still keep the session variables even though the network is unstable?? i.e. as long as my browser is open, is there a way to still store my session variables? by the way, i'm not referring to the session ids, I'm referring to the variables that i wanted to session_register().

Thank you.


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