You're right, of course, Micah.  I guess I've been using my development server (which 
has MySQL 4.1a) for so long, that I've forgotten. :)

I guess, then, that two queries would need to be used instead.


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That would be the way to do it except that MySQL doesn't support sub-selects 
until version 4.1, which is in alpha still. 


On Tuesday 27 April 2004 04:05 pm, Swan, Nicole wrote:
> Have you tried a nested query?  I think your problem is that you're really
> using information from two different tables.
> Maybe:
> UPDATE ngc_polling SET lastrundate = (SELECT max(post_time) FROM
> nuke_phpbb_posts);
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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Request for help on (My)SQL Statement
> :::Novice Alert:::
> I've done simple select and insert statements, so I suppose this is the
> most complicated thing I've tried to do. but seems to me it should be
> pretty easy. But I'm a designer by background, not a developer or
> programmer. I've got everything else I'm trying to do working.
> I'm trying to take the largest value out of one table and update another
> table. The former is a PHPBB table and the latter is a table I created just
> to store the value of the date of the most recent post for use in something
> else.
> UPDATE ngc_polling SET lastrundate = max(nuke_phpbb_posts.post_time)
> It returns "Invalid use of group function."
> I've been looking at the documentation on to no avail. I'm
> testing my query in phpMyAdmin before I try to implement it elsewhere. This
> is what I'm trying to do, any help besides "RTFM" (been doing that) would
> be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> John
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