Regarding the recent thread on sessions.

If you want cookies to expire after the user leaves
the sie or closes the browser do not leave the expiry
date emty.  9 times out of 10 the cookie will remain. 
All you need to do is set a date that has passed. 
Like 1st Jan 2000.  Most set it way back to 1980
because some people reset their dates and what not for
Program hijacking etc.  So 1980 is a good limit.  You
can use any date passed and it will expire, any future
date it won't expire until the date has been

Regarding using $ variables.  I have seen on some
servers you can easily use $"the vairable" but some
servers don't like the user of $ .  I have never seen
an explaination to why this occours, so thought I'd
mention it.  If the session is unset 9 out of 10 times
the $ may be a problem on your server and you will
need to look at alternative methods.


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