As Uzi and Viorel already pointed out, use GET or POST instead of PUT.
Also, to be certain of the redirect, use:
header("Location: page3.php");
instead of the meta redirect.
First of all, I'm sure there are browsers that don't support META redirects, secondly, using the PHP header function, you will get no waiting time what so ever when moving to page 3. The META redirect tells the browser to move, while the header command tells the browser directly to go to page3. instead of loading page2 first.

Does the composition of above sentences give you a hint that I'm extremely tired right now? ;)


On Apr 29, 2004, at 07:11, matthew perry wrote:

My bosses computer gets a "Page cannot be displayed" message when she uses some of my pages. I have tried to find a pattern as to why this happens on only her computer. I think the problem only occurs when she links to a page that links to a page.

Say I have 3 pages: page1.php, page2.php, and page3.php

On page1.php
<form action="page2.php" method="PUT">
<input type="submit" value="GO">
</form>       ------------------------------------------------

And on page2.php
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=page3.php">

If I click "go" on page1.php I SOMETIMES get the "cannot be displayed" message. SOMETIMES it works even on her computer!

Anyone know why?

- Matthew Perry

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