Vern wrote:

I found this code below that allows me to retreive the queries served on my
server for each day but can't figure out how to actually display the
information using echo. Can some one give me an example using the following

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(ex_date, '%Y %m %d %W'), COUNT(id)
FROM email
WHERE ex_date>Now()-INTERVAL 50 DAY
GROUP BY DATE_FORMAT(ex_date, '%Y %m %d %W')
ORDER BY DATE_FORMAT(ex_date, '%Y %m %d %W') DESC

You probably just need to use an alias.

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(ex_date, '%Y %m %d %W') as mydate,
  COUNT(id) as mycount

Then, you'll have columns called "mydate" and "mycount" in your result set.

Without knowing what database you're using, it's hard to give an example with exact code.

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