Hi List.   A quick question.  I have some categories that are really long
and I would like to re-word or re-format them when I am bring data in from a
DB.  Now which would be better:

Do it with PHP
Do it with MySQL

Any suggestions as to how to?

A column name: Customer --> VARCHAR
Values in Customer: "USA-North Upper ABVDFR Co. and Sons" 

I would like to re-word it for example: ABVDFR Co.

I know I could use SUBSTRING or MID, or replace but the issue is since the
column is a VARCHAR, the length of the value may change from row to row, for
example: one row it maybe 20, in the next 13 and so on so forth.  I also
thought that if I could use a length statement and come up with a
formula...but so far no success....any suggestions?

Thx in Adv.


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