Access' version of SQL is a slight bit different from ANSI SQL. All he needs to do in his statement is change it to this:

$query="DELETE * FROM Test_Table WHERE name='franco';";

(notice the wildcard in there-- Access isn't smart enough to realize that the deletion of any information in a row automatically means deleting the entire row. I guess the original design must've intended to use delete for an update <columnname> = null.)

-Mike Forbes

Uzi Klein wrote:

Match Case ?

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Subject: [PHP-DB] - Delete records in an Access DB

Hi all, I have this problem:
I want to delete records in an Access DB. I use this code:

$query="DELETE FROM Test_Table WHERE name='franco';"; // the connection parameters

$path="d:/inetpub/webs/my_site/mdb-database/" ;

$db_name="test.mdb" ;

$dsource=$path.$db_name ;

$cn_string="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" ;

$cn_string.="Data Source=$dsource;" ;

// connection

$cn=new COM("ADODB.Connection");


// object Recordset and send query by Open() metod

$rs=new COM("ADODB.Recordset") ;

$rs->open($query,$cn) ;

// clean Recordset object

$rs->Release() ;

$rs=null ;

/* close connection */

$cn->Close() ;

$cn->Release() ;

$cn=null ;

but I have this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: open() in
D:\Inetpub\webs\metagenonlinecom\canc.php on line 11

Where is the problem? Is this the correct way to delete records from an Access DB? If this is a bad tecnic, can you suggest me what is the correct way?

Thanks in advance to all.

(The server where this script run is a Microsoft server).


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