I have these tables.
Users ( id,name,etc )
Coments : ( id , comment )

How do I do this kind of query:
I thought in one thing like this but I cant figure it out.
Example: Select * from users order by id desc in (select count (id) from
Expected result:
List of users:
* User1
See comments ( 32 comment in database )

* User2
  See coments (13 comments in database )

You need to add a user_id column to comments, which records what user entered each comment. Then you can do
SELECT u.name, COUNT(c.id) FROM users u, comments c WHERE u.id=c.user_id GROUP BY (c.user_id)

The syntax may not be exactly right but that's the basic idea. Adding a user ID foreign key to the comments table is the important part.

Hope that helps,

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