Hi! I'm new to this list. I usually try to get my answers at the php-win
mailing list...

But since this is a mysql question I thought it would be better to ask i t

How do I get the best result from a simple search (just one input box and a
search button) from a mysql db with two tables containing
the following fields;

id (int) (primary)
title (varchar 40)
keywords (varchar 255 with a list of keywords separated with comma)
description (varchar 255 with fulltext index)

f_key (int), page (int) (f_key is the same as id from table1 and f_key and
page combined is the primary)
text (text with fulltext index)

I guess you can see what the table represents... One article split in 1 to *
pages with one entry in table1 for all the common stuff...

I need to find the articles that fits the search the best (obviously... )...
I'm really not sure how to do this... There must be some general way that
people goes about this since it seems to me to be a quite common thing to


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