I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what an appropriate set
of arguments would look like for the ssl_set method on a MySQLi object.  I
am trying to connect to an SSL-enabled MySQL server without much luck.  I am
confident that I am passing the certificate paths correctly, but once I get
to the capath and and cipher list I am not sure what I need to be passing

Here is what I have so far (works fine non-ssl)

$mysqlconn = mysqli_init();

//I put all the keys and certificates in the same folder as the script for
simplicity while testing.
//As I stated, I am unsure about the last 2 arguments.

$mysqlconn->ssl_set( 'client_key.pem', 'client_cert.pem', 'cacert.pem',
'./', 'X509' );

$mysqlconn->real_connect( 'databasehost.domainname.com', 'user', 'pass',
'dbaasename' );

Any help is greatly appreciated


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