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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Variables in database content
> Hi there.  I have what I suspect is an easy one, but was unable to find 
> something similar in the archives (it's a tough one to search for...).
> Basically I have a table with a text block column.  The actual content 
> that lives in column contains php variables that I want to be able to 
> use when I pull the text out of the database.  Let me give you an 
> example:
> Content:
> "Hi there.  My name is $name.  This is a bunch of text that $othername 
> is telling me to populate with some data.  Hopefully you will be able 
> to help $othername and I get this to work.  Thanks!"
> Now, in my script I want to be able to pull names out of another table, 
> initialize the $name and $othername variables, then pull out the 
> content above, parse the "names" variables and display it in the 
> browser.
> My problem is the variables don't get parsed.  I've tried a few obvious 
> things, like storing the text in a variable, using print or echo, and 
> so-on, even processing it with the various text-to-html functions 
> hoping that it would process the variables, but it seems like it's 
> treating the text as a literal and not actually parsing the variables.
> I suspect it has something to do with either the order, the method of 
> output, or some pre-processing that I'm missing, but after a few hours 
> I simply can't get it.
> Thanks for any advice!
> -b
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