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> Well the problem is how would I create the query?
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> It's kinda clear.
> What isn't clear is what the problem?
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>> hi all,
>> What I am trying to achieve to no avail is the following
>> I export values from a Mysql db into CSV format for quick updates and
>> that works fine..
>>  <>
>> But as you can see from the page you can select the options that you
>> want to d/l
>> I am going to make ID compulsory but its not necessary for the time
>> being,
>> The problem that I am having is with the update Mysql feature
>> What I need to happen is the first line of the CSV is the headings (db
>> field names)
>> So that when I do the update it only updates the fields that were
> chosen
>> on the pick_csv page.
>> Now I will have no way of knowing before hand what fields will be
> chosen
>> so I will have to create the update Mysql query on the fly,
>> I hope this is clear enough
>> any help will be great

I haven't looked at your page; but the general idea would be to test what
options are selected and dynamically build your query accordingly. Eg,
assuming your info is coming from POST:

$query = "SELECT id";
if(isset($_POST['name'])) { $query .= ", name"; }
// more of the same for each field
$query .= " FROM table WHERE where ORDER BY whatever";

Or something like that. Then you output in csv format with echo or print or
sprintf or whatever....

David Robley

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