doh !!!!!

Mikhail U. Petrov wrote:
You should use
having c>2
instead of
where c>2.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004, 7:09:29 PM, pete wrote:

pM> I'm running this query agains a mysql database, its a list of statuses pM> with a joined table that shows the number of job in that status with pM> more than 2. However I get the error

pM> Unknown column 'c' in 'where clause'

pM> select  job_stats.job_stat_id, job_stat, job_stat_code,
pM> count(works.job_stat_id) as c
pM> from job_stats
pM> inner join works on job_stats.job_stat_id = works.job_stat_id
where c >> 2
pM> group by job_stats.job_stat_id, job_stat, job_stat_code
pM> order by job_stats.job_stat_order asc

pM> Any idead anyone please

pM> tia
pM> pedro

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