It really is that simple?!?!?!
I need to do a MySQL course...

Jonathan Haddad <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
07/06/2004 13:39

Re: [PHP-DB] DISTINCT and multiple results...

select distinct email, username from table

On Jun 7, 2004, at 8:19 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Hi there...
> I'm trying to create a MYSQL query that does the following...
> I've a table that lists ALL downloads from our site.
> so I may have the same user many times, but different files, or infact,
> same user, same file.
> What my boss wants to see is:
> If a user downloaded a file 3 times, she doesn't care, she just wants 
> to
> see that it was downloaded.
> So I tried using DISTINCT(email), but then I loose the data about the
> other files that they've downloaded
> How can I create a query, where I can list only one instance of email, 
> per
> multiple instatnces of a file name.
> Does that make sence?
> I'm reallyu stumped...
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