Hi here is my logic, i haven't tested but it should work (i hope)!!!
i'm not sure if it works only on php5...!?! Let me know if it is a complete
crap i've just started learning php.

$recordset=mysql_query($query); // whatever query is
$obj_array=new ArrayObject($recordset);
// get the iterator now
// you can now easly navigate in the recordset by the iterator

/* define an array with n fields to be shown on top of page. Attention
...values name must be the same of table field names you want to show on top
of the page*/
$my_key = array(0=>'key1',1=> 'key2',....,n-1=>'keyn');

// echo the top of the page
    if  ($iterator->key()==$my_key[$i] )
        echo "<p>".$iterator->key()." : ".$iterator->current()."</p>";
        /* if u need a top_array to store result shown on top of the page,
uncomment this line only
        $top_array[$i]=$iterator->current(); // loose the matching
key<->field!! */

/* to display the whole recordset resulting from the query  don't forget
you still have
$recordset free to use with mysql_fetch_array() or other way to display */

 echo '<p>this is the bottom page and displays the whole result</p>';

while ($res=mysql_fetch_array($recordset))
    for each ($res as $k=>$val)
           echo "<p>$k : $val</p>"; // make your choice for html code

"Aaron Wolski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ha scritto nel messaggio
> Hi All,
> Got this logic problem I don't know how to solve.
> Is there any way I can make a call to the DB for some records.
> Display some info from a column or two say at the top of the page and
> then display the full result set in a while() loop?
> Right now, I am making two calls to the Db to get the data I need to
> display at the top of the page and then a second query to retrieve the
> full result set.
> I'm confused!
> Thanks for any help!
> Aaron

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