Loc moisy wrote:

Hi Everyone !

I've coded a php site for a musical store. At the end of every page, before
closing the connection, I send an UPDATE request to increment a statistical
tool. Recently I saw weird results, so I tried to understand. Looking in my
logs, I saw that this request could be sent several times, arbitrary - can
be 5 times or 8 or whatever... So my counter is incremented from 4 to 8
times. The server seems to resend the whole requestes several times. I have
read all of my scripts, even coded some trace code, and sure there is no

The code seems like that:

$SQL = "UPDATE statistics SET VALUE (`counter` = $counter)"
$res = mysql_query($SQL);

So, I do not see anything strange. Can u help me ? My own thought about it
is something like a buffer not empty or something like that.

Thanks !

We had a problem like this on our site for a while. It turned out that soneone had put an empty image tag on the site which was causing the browser to go to the same page *again*. Check to make sure that all of your images have the src attribute filled out.

paperCrane <Justin Patrin>

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