Hi Hans,

Thanks for your concerns

I really have nothing to hide,
When I say software all it is, is a small script the generates a xml
file, most of the "Open source" software that does this type of
monitoring only pings your ports so there is no way of actually telling
if the service is really running,

And at the moment we are only testing for critical services that are
crucial for website administrators,

Please feel free to view the parsed file at
If you find any security flaws please let me know so that I can block
them, this is one of the main reasons for having a beta test



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Yeah, this is a joke, right?

You want people to intall your software on their webservers which will 
send information about their servers accross the network to your server?

Can we just cut to the chase & I'll send you the root password on my

Anyone interested in being alerted when their servers are down can use 
one of the many, many existing open-source solutions (which do a heck of

a lot more than monitor uptime & apache).


Kenny wrote:

> Sorry all
> The e-mail address is [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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> From: Kenny [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Sent: 15 June 2004 11:44
> To: DBList
> Subject: [PHP-DB] Beta Testers Needed
> Hi All,
> I am currently looking for beta testers to test my server monitoring
> software,
> Brief synopsis of what it entails,
> Install a small (2.92 k) file on your web server
> Add either a new db or use and existing db this will only be 1 table
> with minimal information just basically holding your Key
> What I will monitor
> Server Load averages
> Server Uptime
> If any of these services go down then I will automatically send you an
> alert to your e-mail address, (For the testing phases we will not be
> sending SMS alerts)
> I will generate graphs indicating load averages and server outages
> I will send daily reports telling you how the web server is
> The testing phase will last approx 1 month but you can terminate at
> time if you wish to
> There is no payment involved either from my side or yours.
> We are initially looking for 50 testers but this could increase in the
> future,
> Please only *nix servers for now running Apache / MySQL / PHP 
> Please send your interest off the list to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and I will
> you full instructions on how we would like to proceed and when the
> testing will start
> Thanks
> Kenny

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