Have you tried with "a" insted of "A" for am/pm indication?

Hope can help



"Philip Thompson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ha scritto nel messaggio
> Hi all.
> Maybe there's something I'm doing incorrectly, but I cannot get the
> date() function to return the appropriate time. It's always 12 hours
> off. I've tried using 24-hour time and 12-hour time (with AM/PM), but
> they both give the wrong time. I even emailed the server admin to make
> sure that the server clock was set correctly, and he said that it was.
> I don't know... Here's my PHP:
> $problemDateTime = date("Y-m-d g:i:s A");
> which returns: 2004-06-13 11:24:21 PM
> To the untrained eye ;), that might appear correct. But that was
> actually submitted at 11:24 AM, not PM. So, that's my code. Any
> suggestions??
> Thanks a bunch,
> ~Philip

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