Pete M wrote:

I use
love it

I just started using it and it's very nice. Here's a quick hint to those who are new, though. You can click the :: to expand the menu. If I'd only known this when I started....

pete Lisi wrote:

I am looking for open source CMSs that:

1) use PHP/Mysql
2) are relatively easy to install, for someone familiar with both PHP and MySQL
3) also easily allow you to change the layout/template from the default

For instance, if I want to hire a graphic designer to create a static page for me with a unique design for my site, I want to be able to create a template file from that (possibly one template for the home page and a second one for inside pages) and then plug in a CMS into that layout (or plug the template into a CMS) so the client can then make any changes to any pages without having to go through me.

I've heard PHP-Nuke is a very good portal system - would it work for this? Any other recommendations? The CMS must be open source, the budget is very limited right now.



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