James Hatridge wrote:

HI all...

I just upgraded my SuSE system from 8.2 to 9.1 now the counters on my web sites are not working right. I tracked it down to this line:

$cur_ip = $REMOTE_ADDR;

I believe that this has stopped working. The idea was my counter kept your number so that you were only counted once. But now it's not getting the number. Has this command changed in the past 2 SuSE version?

This appears to be another case or register_globals issue. Please do search list archive before posting, as I seem to remember an almost identical email in past couple weeks.

By default in PHP register_globals setting (in php.ini file, not sure where that is on SuSE) is now "Off". Turn it back "On" to make your script work again.

Furthermore, when upgrading your PHP version (inherent in performing a huge SuSE upgrade), read the changelog to see what's actually gonna break in your sciprts. I'd wager that other things are gonna break too (e.g. magic_quotes_gpc).


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