I'm using PHP with ADOdb ( and an MS Access 2000 db ) to write a simple SQL statement but was running into some case sensitivity issues. Here's my SQL currently:

SELECT autoQuesID,fldQuesTitle,fldBody
FROM tblFAQ_Question
WHERE fldBody LIKE '%$strSearchFor%';

All I'm trying to do is have the users search string searched for in the "fldBody" field. However, I'm having problems trying to get it so that the search is case-insensitive. For instance:

If I search on "Airline", I get 1 record.
If I search on "airline", I get 0 records.

I make the value of $strSearchFor lower case ( using strtolower() ), but I don't know how to get it so that the contents of the "fldBody" field is lower case also. I can't seem to find any functions or operators that remove the case-sensitivity.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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