Doesn't matter how many fields are on a form; they are returned as an array
of strings in the request object.  Just iterate through the array and update
the corresponding database fields.


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"Tom Chubb" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am trying to design a form that posts the data to a DB, but being new to
> PHP/MySQL, it takes me ages to hand write the code and I'm sure there must
> be an easier way to do it?
> My form has 100 fields using 20 rows and 5 columns and it's taking me ages
> to write the code for it.
> Can anyone advise how they code large forms like that and if you know of
> software to make it easier?
> I've searched Google for hours and checked loads of Database scripts on
> sites like Hotscripts, but can't find anything.

Hi Tom,

that's a lot of information to display on one page. Can you split it up into
several forms? Of course this would not mean fewer work but maybe make it a
bit mor concise.

Regards, Torsten Roehr

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