>How can I query a MySQL table to get the latest results from a date field?
>Basically, I am inserting several records at a time at the end of each
>I want to have a page that displays the results for the last week only.
>The date format in the field is YYYY-MM-DD

if you want the latest row -
      select * from table order by max(date_column) limit 1;

if you want rows in a range of dates there are lots o ways, and instead of
showing one or two, I'd suggest taking a look at the manual on dates
http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/Date_and_time_functions.html, and seeing
what fits your needs best.  Seems like you may want to look at BETWEEN

And if you don't want to use those, you are always free to use
      select * from table where date_column < 'yyyy-mm-dd' and date_column
< 'yyyy-mm-dd' order by date_col desc


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