No, it's actually very easy to do the autocomplete once you get the hang of it. Actually the way I've done it is to populate a multi-select box but you could also use a DIV and write out the values

Dump the email addresses as an XML file (generate this dynamically) then use XSLT to read out matching rows on each keyup ... basically you filter the XML file each time till you get down to one value

Yes, it's javascript but it works really well as long as you have some control over your client browser (in the case of your boss, probably IE but it can be made to work in mozilla / firefox too)

Mail me offlist if you want a working example.

Cheers - Neil

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One thing he wanted which I didn't know how to do (Javascript I guess which
I don't know much about) was to preload a database of email address, and as
he started to type an email address it would do a sort of auto-complete, but
have no clue how to go about that so just told him not viable ATM.

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