"Water_foul" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> i get the following error:
> Parse error: parse error, unexpected ';' in
> ervices.php on line 4
> from the following code:
> <?php
> file://Database Querys
> $dbconn = mysql_connect($dbHost , $dbName , $dbPassword)
>                or die("Could not connect to server, incorrect username,
> password or host : ".mysql_error();
> $connection=Mysql_connect($dbHost , $dbName , $dbPassword)

You are missing a ; on the above line. PHP even told you on what line the
error occurred. You do not have to post all of your code if the error occurs
on line 4. And please choose a better subject for your posts.

Regards, Torsten Roehr

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