Please can someone let me know their opinion on the following:

I have written some code for submitting a top 20 music chart online.
I use the following to insert into mysql:

INSERT INTO chart (name, chartpos, artist, title, label) VALUES

('$name', '1', '$artist', '$title', '$label'),
('$name', '2', '$artist2', '$title2', '$label2'),
('$name', '3', '$artist3', '$title3', '$label3'),

 -------------- repeat til -----------------

('$name', '20', '$artist20', '$title20', '$label20'),

Another page queries the table and sorts by name (multiple people submit
charts) and latest date.

My question is this:
Would I be better keeping this format and inserting multiple rows on each
submit, or to have one row for all 81 variables ($name, 20 x Position, 20 x
Artists, 20 x Titles, 20 x Labels.)
I know that the latter will be easier to query.

Also, without maintenance, the size of the table for the current method will
get extremely large. Will that affect server performance?

I am still a newbie, so plain explanations would be most appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance.


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